There are so many questions and uncertainties that one has when seeking a photographer. I wanted to take a few minutes to try to answer some of the most common questions out there.

Q: Why are some photographers so cheap and some are so expensive? Do I have to go with expensive to get good photos?

A: Pricing for photography varies widely. There is an old phrase that "You get what you pay for." This does not mean you need to get the most expensive person out there, but it's a good idea to avoid the cheapest. Sometimes you'll run into a good photographer for peanuts, but most of the time the ones that undercharge are either beginners or weekenders and do not do photography full time. Look at their images and run them through Tineye, a website that makes sure their sample images are really theirs. Also ask to see a full wedding and that helps you see if that's the feel that you're really looking for. Everyone is on a budget, and there are plenty of us that are full time professionals that will do an awesome photoshoot at an affordable price!

Q: What do I really need to look for in a photographer?

A: There are a few things that should be at the top of your list. First is does the photographer REALLY listen to you and is he/she responsive to your needs and desires? Secondly, does the photographer do this full time? Next, does he or she have the right equipment to shoot what I need properly regardless of lighting? Also, importantly, what do past clients say about the photographer in their reviews?

Q: Why should I go with a full time photographer?

A: With the affordability of good cameras these days, many people go and pick one out and think they can be a photographer. A full time photographer is dedicated to his or her craft beyond just "snapshots." They know the ins and outs of their equipment, know how to get the best lighting and looks in every situation, and can provide feedback and ideas to make your photos go to the next level. Also full-timers are experts at retouching and post processing to make your photos pop, and will take that extra effort to make your shoot the best looking it can be. Our experience as well as the ongoing education we voluntarily undertake to stay on top of all the trends benefits you in your experience and in your final images.

Q: What about my friend/family member that has a good camera and will do it for cheap/free?

A: If they are a full time pro, go for it! You just got a heck of a deal. If they aren't, it's probably not the best idea. If they aren't experienced, you could end up with bad photos even with the best equipment on the market. After all, it's less about the equipment and more about how to use it properly in every situation. Proper posing and lighting and even perfect shots for the candids aren't as easy as it seems. It takes time, experience, and knowledge to know what looks best for all body types, lighting situations, and to capture action with the right framing and no blur.

Q: How many photos should I expect?

A: You should want both quality and quantity for your shoot! You don't want someone to set a limit on the number of photos you get, because no one is more exacting on what you want than you are. You don't want the photographer to pick for you, because his or her likes and dislikes may vary wildly from yours. You want to have the choice of what you like from all of the great looking photos. You should want as many as you can get, as well as posed and candid photos throughout the session. Careful about photographers who give a maximum number of images. You could miss out on that perfect moment that you didn't even realize was captured.

Q: What if I want something specific from my shoot? I'm afraid of offending the photographer by asking.

A: I can only answer for myself on this one, but I love it when you are clear about your desires and expectations! We can make sure that the right location and setting has been chosen and make sure everything is set to meet your expectations. I want to listen to you and exceed your expectations. Any good photographer will give you input based on what you want, but it's your shoot! The more you tell me before hand, the more perfect it will be in the results!

Q: What if this is out of my budget?

A: We strive to stay affordable, but sometimes money is tight and time is not on your side. We always have payment plans available and other financing options through PayPal as well. Ask! Don't be embarrassed and miss out on the perfect photos! There are often specials posted on our social media also, and frequently there are weekday specials available! Use the links below to follow me on social media sites and ask about current specials!

Q: How can I use my photos once I get them? Do I have to buy from proofs? Do I have to get or pay for prints?

A: The answer to this question varies by photographer. With us, you may use your full size high definition photos any way you want except for selling for publications such as magazines. That means you can post everything you want on social media, share all the photos with family and friends, and get them printed however or wherever you wish! You do not need to pay anything additional or even worry about proofs, as all your images come full size and without any watermark. You do need to pay additional for any prints you want from us, or you can get them printed wherever you desire!

I hope this has helped you. Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have!

What I provide for you is an understanding of your needs and desires and the technical and artistic proficiency to make it happen for you. My goal is to surpass your expectations, not just meet them! I listen to you, and give you feedback throughout the shoot so that you know what we are getting and how to make your dreams into a reality. My experience will help us capture those perfect looks, whether posed or candid, that will last forever and make you smile to go back and look at!

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